St Michael and All Angels' Church Galleywood

Church Office Holders and the Church Council (PCC)

The Church is legally the responsibility of the Vicar and Wardens of the Parish of St Michael's. However we have a broader leadership team to give more specialist support in the work of the church.

The Parochial Church Council are responsible for 'temporalities':  buildings, finance and issues outside the parish; Synod, Pastoral Unit and Mission Giving.

The Parish Church Council (PCC)  consists of the following: -

Clergy, Church Wardens (and Wardens  Team), Treasurer (and Finance Team), Deanery Synod representatives, Elected Members

Church Office Holders

Vicar: Rev David Cattle

And Elected Office Holders:

Churchwarden: Gavin Adlington 

Deputy Wardens: Paul Wehren and John Robertson

Deanery Representatives: Sue Metcalfe and Beryl Moss

Appointed Office Holders:

Sexton: Anne Pepper

Lynchpins (Link to the other Churches in the Mission and Ministry Unit): Dai Jones and Gavin Adlington

Verger: Pam Bullman

The Parochial Church Council (correct at 16 May 2021)

(They are responsible for 'temporalities':  buildings, finance and issues outside the parish; Synod, Pastoral Unit, Mission Giving, etc.)

The Vicar and the Churchwarden are ex-officio members of the Church Council

Elected to the Church Coucil 2021/22 at the APCM on 16th May 2021

Clare Broome, Janella Coates, Colin Dawson, Jane Dougan, Sue Kitson, Sue Metcalfe, Beryl Moss; Karen Robertson; Jacquelin Sigourney, David Stevenson, Stephanie Troop, Michael Tucker and Paul Wehren

Lay Chair is Clare Broome

Treasurer is Colin Dawson

PCC Secretary and Minutes Secretary is Sue Metcalfe

Safeguarding Officer is Janella Coates