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Latest News - Foodbank

The Chelmsford Foodbank continues its work.  At the moment, they are short of pasta sauce, packets of rice, tinned tomatoes, sponge puddings, tea bags (40 size), tinned rice pudding, coffee, powdered mash potato and tinned meat (excluding corned beef). 

It is with great delight that we can announce that the base for the Chelmsford Foodbank is (at least for the time being) in Galleywood - at the old Church Hall*, next door to the Vicarage on Beehive Lane.

* The church hall is no longer the responsibility of St Michael's, but the Diocese of Chelmsford. After some negotiation, an agreement has been reached for this building to be used for the Foodbank.

On 4th march, Andy Griffiths commented on Facebook:

"I'm excited to report that Chelmsford Foodbank will be operating out of the Vicarage Hall, 450A Beehive Lane, from Monday morning (it's been a long process and I'd like to bear tribute to Alison Griffiths for initiating it). St Michael's members who would like to pop by next week and say "welcome" will be appreciated - but just say welcome and go, don't take up valuable volunteer time!!"

and on 7th march added:

"I've just been spending some time with the foodbank team as they move into the Galleywood Vicarage Hall. What a great group of people! I'm so glad they're here. And I was amazed at how many tea-bags they have in stock!"

We are still collecting items for the Foodbank at St Michael's Church - see the weekly news sheet or speak to Diane Gale for updated information on what items are needed.