St Michael and All Angels' Church Galleywood

Jesus Teach Us All To Love

Jesus, teach us all to love.  This sums up our direction and strategy as a church.  


It asks Jesus to teach us, and the Bible is at the heart of the church

  It asks Jesus to teach us all, because we – though from many generations and backgrounds - are learning to be the family of God.

  It asks Jesus to teach us all to love, because we come together to be equipped and encouraged to love (locally, globally, in words, in actions, in ordinary life) when we’re apart. 

It’s a vision prayer not a vision statement – because we can’t be this church (Bible-hearted, generation-blending, using our time together to equip us to love when we’re apart) without serious help from above.



Our logo is the cross, as viewed by those at its foot.  This reminds us that when Jesus was dying he saw at the foot of the cross Mary (an older woman) and John (a young man not related to her).  “Treat her as your mother, treat him as your son”, said Jesus, thus founding the blended, many-generation church of which we are members today.

 For a fuller description of this statement, see pdf version: Jesus, teach us all to Love