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Vacancy - what is it?

A vacancy in the Church of England means that a parish is without a Vicar and the Church is in the process of looking to appoint a replacement.

So, who is 'in charge'?

Legally those 'in charge' are the Churchwardens, in our case Anne Gardner and Anne Pepper.

They are supported by a small team of deputy wardens, the Archdeacon and our Associate ministers; Rev Gemma Fraser (of St John's and St Luke's Moulsham) and Rev Stephanie Gillingham (vicar of Widford. St Mary's and Church of the Holy Spirit).

At St Michael's we have many committed members of the congregation (mostly unpaid volunteers, who are taking on additional responsibilities during this time) These are:

The Ministry Leadership Team: Fiona Selden, Travers Harper, Suzanne McAllister and Karen Robertson.

The Church Council (PCC): Colin Dawson, Anne Gardner, Anne Pepper, Suzanne McAllister, Beryl Moss, Jane Dougan, Jane Harpur, Amy Baptiste, Christopher Pearshouse and Paul Wehren.

Our Staff team - Ellen Morrison (Youth and School links) and Brian Pepper (Administrator)

For practical reasons, Brian Pepper is our first point of contact for most matters, in particular the vague and not obvious enquiries, he is able to be contacted at: brp@blueyonder.co.uk and is able to direct your enquiry to the most appropriate person / team. He works part time for St Michael's, so is not available on demand, but will reply to any e mail within 48 hours.

Updates will be made available on a regular basis, so that everyone is kept up to date on progress.

Update 1

1) Parish Profile - This is a statement by the parish about our current situation: our Mission, Ministry, Worship, Pastoral Care, Community involvment and our relationship with other churches, such as the Moulsham and Widford Churches, with whom we have a close connection. Our new Vicar needs to have an idea what he / she might be getting themselves into, the who, why, what and context of the role they are applying for.

St Michael's Following the Discernment day on Saturday 18th November he PCC identified at their meeting on Tuesday 21st November, those who are prepared to serve on the writing group. They are: Karen Robertson, Chris Selden, Tom Griffiths, Sue Kitson, Suzanne McAllister, Chris Pearshouse and Anne Pepper (Convenor / Editor)

2) Parish representatives - selected by the PCC to be on the interview panel are Colin Dawson and Amy Baptiste.

Please pray for God's wisdom on these people over the coming weeks

Next Meeting

The next meeting is the Profile Writing Group on Monday 4th December with Rev Martin Wood (Parish Development adviser from the Bradwell Team)

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